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Mosaic Learning Center provides an alternative education option for the compulsory schooling years of a child. We are unique from all other schools in the area as we use an approach which puts children first, uses a holistic and integrated approach, is based on relevant academic research, yet understands the societal requirements. As we are registered by the Thailand Ministry of Education we cover the required government curriculum yet use a style of teaching that focuses on developing confident, assertive, responsible, critical-thinking and academically-able children. We instill in our children that education and learning is something that they are responsible for and is life-long. Each child knows they are responsible for their own education but they also have responsibility to mentor, support and encourage other children to develop themselves too. Children and teachers interact in a positive family-oriented atmosphere. We are a Community of Learners.

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Daruma-Eco Farm, where Mosaic Learning Center is located, is an international community using English as the common language, therefore English is our main medium of instruction even though the majority of our children are Thai or born in Thailand. The importance of using and being excellent at communicating in English becomes natural for all the children at our Learning Center.

We run programs which continue to develop our children’s sense of adventure and curiosity. Our children are alert and open to new ideas and adventures academically, socially, physically and mentally. The children know how to think critically and take adventurous steps with safety and reasoning, inside and outside of the classroom.



As we originate from a home-schooling pedagogy, older ‘big brothers’ and ‘big sisters’ helping, encouraging and mentoring younger learners is an official part of our program. All children from a very young age know they need to be responsible for themselves, their belongings, and their behavior. As the children develop they are also expected to take responsibility for each other and participate as an active member of the Learning Center community.

Mosaic Learning Center offers full-time programs, extra classes and holiday programs. Contact us for more information.

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